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Two NCP leaders join BJP

IMPHAL, July 30: Two Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leaders have joined BJP right after tendering their resignation to the National President NCP on Monday.

The two NCP leaders who joine BJP are Th. Nandakishore Singh, former MLA and ex-treasurer of NCP Manipur and M. Prafullo Singh, present Youth President, NCP Manipur state.

Th. Nandakishore said to UNA that he left NCP because the present President was dissolved without any reason, above this, a court case were file against the newly elected president by the out-going president and don’t have a proper party office also.

After consoling his advisor and workers he joined BJP as there is no another alternative political party in the state which is stable and can fight against the Congress.

So far there is no other central political party leaders likes BJP, where the central leaders have shown concern for Manipur added Nandkishore.

During the interaction M. Prafullo Singh added that the top brass of central BJP leaders have visited frequently the state comparing to other political parties of the state.

Mention may be made here that some prominent leaders of other political leaders like Th. Chaoba Singh, former Union minister, S. Rajen Singh, former minister, Robin Blacky and some candidates of the last assembly election have already joined the BJP.

According to a source from the BJP that National President BJP Nitin Gadkari will visit Manipur in the middle week of August, for a grand reception for new member who joint BJP recently.

Ahead of Nitin visit to the state, P. Chandrashekhar Rao, Zonal organisation secretary, NE states BJP will visit the state on the first week of August to take firsthand information, added the source.



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