Wage deduction decried


IMPHAL, July 22: All Manipur RNTCP Contractual Staff Welfare Union strongly decry the proposed deduction of wages from the 116 staff by state authorities. If the stance is not revoked , then a cease work strike will commence from July 27.

The matter was notified in a press meet held at Manipur Press club today, Lenin Mangang, general secretary of the Union said that it has come to the knowledge of the staff from office sources that the salary of the contractual staff will be deducted by 30 % at the least.This is against the norms of the Central TB Division (CTB), New Delhi.

He mentioned that the program of Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program, which provides free treatment to TB patients is fully funded by the centre and the salary has been sanctioned salary has been given to the staff. Moreover, the rest of the states implementing the said scheme are enjoying the provided central salary without deductions.

It was learnt by the staff that the rest of the deducted percentage will be given to the employees performance wise. Mangang said that this is against their interest, as they have been working under hazardous circumstances. The workers are working with the patients who have status of MDR, (Multi Drug Resistance) which is communicable and the workers have to take preventive medicine.

They are presently under contract and if any afflictions occur, then there is none to bear the responsibility of the ill hazards that may occur to the field staff. It was mentioned that the state government is apathetical in developing facilities for the serious TB  (MDR) patients.

Mentioning that the pay has not been released for the month of March till date. The union urges the state government and the state TB Officer not to deduct their salaries. If the matter is not solved within July 27, then a cease work strike will be held from the next day onwards.


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