A social networking group Kuki Kahi Kakipah E goes green

By Haoginlien Chongloi

Manipur, IMPHAL, Aug 3: While social networking sites have created a wave of uprisings in the Middle East and sometimes got banned for a number of reasons in some countries, the case in Nehru’s Switzerland of the East- Manipur, have a different story to be proud of.

Kuki Kahi Kakipah E, a Facebook social networking group with a large mass base of Kuki students has recently come up with an innovative approach to help fight climate change the world is facing today.

In the recent announcement made by the group, a sapling plantation drive was initiated under the theme “Go Green For A Better Tomorrow”. Since then it never looked back. Today, KKKE is credited as the first social networking group to launch such challenging project for the common good.

Kuki Kahi Kakipah E which means “I am Proud of being a Kuki” was founded in 2010 by Ngulminthang Lhanghal, an awardee of Young Global Leaders 2011. Presently it has 13,306 members managed by a technical expert group of twelve.

Under the project, each member of the group were to plant at least a sapling, a sign that indicates the importance of one’s contribution in fulfilling one of the biggest dreams of the industrialized world.

Group members who have done their tasks were made to upload the clippings of the sapling they planted with a sign tagged “KKKE” in the group. Members were then invited to comment and appreciate the job done.

However, sapling plantation is purely voluntary and the members did it out of care and concern. According to the present trend, it is estimated that at least 1000 saplings is expected to be planted in the first three months.

On being contacted, active member of the group and volunteer of the project around the capital Alice K Dimngel told this reporter the importance of preserving world’s most valuable asset- Nature.

“Everyone has a role”, said the young graduate who hails from Langol. She added, “I won’t end up with my share. I will team up with my friends and plant more”, continued the young lady.

“There are a lot of projects that we are going to take up in the future. We begin it with tree plantation because it doesn’t require huge expenses and can be singly handled. Though it requires little expense the result it will yield in the future is immense”.

Regarding the support the campaign received from various corners, Alice thanks the forest officials of Langol for the help they render in the form of materials and saplings.

“We are also very thankful to families who generously donated land to plant the saplings”, she added.

The Go Green project which begins on July 25 received wide response from members. Till filing of this report about 50 saplings has been registered and made public through the Kuki Kahi Kakipah E Group.

Appealing to the youths of Manipur, administrator Lam Kahe Pasal Chongloi stressed on the need of philanthropic mindset in the minds of the youths.

“Until and unless we develop a philanthropist’s mindset, no amount of funds and sponsors will help achieve our plans and projects”, said Chongloi.

Urging public to cooperate the Initiative, the administrator stated that any support rendered by the public will be highly appreciated.

Till today, moral support is the most important factor behind our strength, added the administrator.


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