Appointment of Speaker`s wife questioned through RTI


IMPHAL, August 30: Seeking proper authorization through the RTI regarding the appointment of Thokchom Nivedita Devi, wife of Thokchom Lokeshore Singh, Speaker of the Manipur Legislative Assembly as under-secretary of the Manipur Assembly Secretariat under the OBC category by RTI activist Kambam Seityajit has been put to cold storage by the concerned appellate authorities.

According to the activist and relevant documents, he applied seeking the information to the State Public Information Officer of the Manipur Assembly Secretariat on May 3, 2012 which should have been replied to within a month.

His query also included of how many vacancies were there in the Manipur Legislative Assembly during the period from 2007 to 2012 and how many post were created and been filled up till date.

Was it approved by the Finance Department and was there a proper recruitment process and to give the list of appointed individuals.

The SPIO failed to reciprocate the sought information and the activist further complained to the second appellate authority on June 15, 2012. After a wait of 45 days, the information was not tendered. As such, it amounts to total violation of the RTI act,2005.

In the regard, a complaint has been lodged to the Manipur Information Commission on August 27 last to call for the records from the respondents.


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