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IMPHAL, Aug 14: The Governor of Manipur Gurbachan Jagat wishes the citizens of Manipur on the occasion of Independence Day, 2012.  

“I am very happy to extend my heartiest greetings and best wishes to all the citizens of Manipur on the occasion of Independence Day, 2012.”

“We have been celebrating the Independence Day since the attainment of India`s Independence on August 15, 1947. While celebrating our Independence, we have to introspect on how far we have been able to uphold and promote the spirit of nationhood and its freedom as citizens of an independent country.”

“The 15th of August reminds us of the pre-independence spirit and patriotism along with the unity and sacrifices made for the attainment of our freedom from the British yoke. It is worthwhile to recall that our freedom was won after supreme sacrifices by innumerable Indians at the altar of the long freedom struggle.”

“For the last 65 years of our independence, India has made significant progress in all spheres and has been recognized as a prospective economic superpower. However, much more is still to be done in order to bring our country on par with developed countries.”

“It is in this context that Manipur too should, as an important State of the country, contribute and partake of the opportunities that the changing times bestow on our country. We have to reject any differences which are impeding our progress. It should be our earnest and strong aspiration to achieve peace and progress in our State and contribute to human welfare. Today, we must work for both national coherence and emotional integrity and also for transmitting the great ideals for justice, equality and fellowship to the future generations.”



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