Manipur State artists talented but lack exposure


IMPHAL, August 11: The first combined workshop for sculptures, graphics and painting which commenced since yesterday was organized with the sole objective of creating a platform for the state artists and provide entry to the national scene.

This was expressed by Neo-Gene, Contemporary Artists’ Manipur secretary Ch Lalit during a brief chat with select media persons on the second day of the workshop.

A five day Composite Artists’ Workshop had begun since yesterday at the Government Dance College, Palace compound organized by the Neo-Gene, Contemporary Artists’ Manipur.

The workshop is being sponsored by RB Painting House, Proprietor Khumanlakpam Lenin, KORAKS Trades Paonam Amarjeet and Konggrailakpam Rajesh Kumar Sharma both of Moirangkhom Sougaijam Leirak.

He said, the artists of the state have the required talent however they lack exposure at the national and international level and the said workshop aims to create this missing platform.

Around 33 artists from the fields of sculpting, graphics and painting are participating in the said workshop which will continue till August 14.

Continuing his chat with the media persons, the secretary said artisans will work on fibre glass sculpture and wood cut graphics during the five day long workshop.

Neo-Gene, Contemporary Artists’ Manipur will further hold an exhibition of the finished products after the end of the workshop. The venue is yet to be decided however it will be in the state, he said.

The products will later be handed over to the three sponsors of the workshop as they have also offered to sell of the products and provide a market for the artists and their products, he said.

Lenin said that his organization had first organized a workshop for the artisans of the state in 1998 based on the life of MK Priyobarta at GM Hall, while the second workshop was held at Khuman Lampak.

The third such workshop organized by the organization was based on the life of MK Binodini.

He added that his organization had also participated workshops at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi and at the Birla Archive, Kolkata.

He also added that the canvas used in the five day long workshop by the painters are sponsored free of cost by Camlin North East, Niranjanath.

Niranjanath has also provided the colours used during the workshop with 10 percent discount.

The artists attending the workshop expressed their gratitude to the Neo-Gene for providing a common platform to the artists of different genres where they are able to mix and share ideas.


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