Manipur State Karate team engulf in controversy


Manipur, IMPHAL, August 7: Even as state players are making waves at the ongoing London Olympics, the state Karate team which had left for Chennai to participate in a national and international championship is engulf in controversy.

Two Karate players who had left along with the state team for Chennai on August 5 returned home today from Dimapur where they were allegedly left alone with another player by the team coach and leader after they were unable to pay more money for the tour.

The three are TM Shahabuddin, 13 of Hayel loubuk, Md Amir, 15 of Hayel loubuk and Laitonjam Jilangamba, 9 of Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai.

Amir whose mother is from Dimapur stayed back at his mother’s place.

The three had left for Chennai along with 29 others to participate in the 11th All India Ryushin Kan Shito Ryu Karate Championship and 11th International Ryushin Kan Shito Ryu and Open Karate Championship at Chennai.

Speaking to media persons, the two players said players were made to pay Rs 6200 each for the entire tour before leaving Imphal. The team coach had also made the players pay an additional Rs 700 for their track-suits.

However after reaching Sekmai, they were again asked by the team leader, Moirangthem Ibomcha of Yairipok to pay for their luch at Sekami with the assurance that all further fooding and lodging expenses will be borne by the association from their Rs 6200 contribution.

They further complained that Moiranghtem Ibomcha had returned them Rs 4600 each and left them at Dimapur.

While Amir stayed back at his mother’s place, the two other hitch their ride on a Imphal bound truck.

The two and their guardians also complained that the team coach had also refuted to help the young players get their ride back home.

Meanwhile, the guardians also expressed that when the All Manipur Karate Association was communicated about the development on the telephone, the AMKA president had replied that Ibomcha had not seek any formal acceptance from the association for the tour and that he had organized the tour on his own.

The guardians further charged that it is not known whether Ibomcha plays Wushu, Karate, Jeet Kundo, etc.

They further urged the concerned associations of the sports disciplines to take action against the man and help encourage sports in the state.

9 year old Jilangamba said being a child he had no inkling about the team coach’s real intention and as such he had to face such difficulties.


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