ZYF urges government to complete the construction works in Tamenglong


Manipur, IMPHAL, August 8: A combined team comprising of Zeliangrong Youth Front (Assam, Manipur & Nagaland) and Zeliangrong Youth Front Tamenglong zone on August 1 conducted an independent spot inspection to the various developmental works undergoing in Tamenglong district, said a release of ZYF.

According to the release, the District Secretariat which was inaugurated by Union Minister, P Chidambaram on 3rd November, 2011 is yet to complete till date. It is wonder how inauguration was done in a hasty manner without finishing works. Similar District Secretariat building construction works were taken up simultaneously in the other hills districts but all construction works in all these districts are completed and already official works/activities are functioning from the newly constructed Secretariat for quite long ago now. However, in the case of Tamenglong district there is still long way to go for completion.

The team inspected the construction works of Jaharlal Navodya Vidyalaya at Duigailong and found that the makeshift shed/camp erected for the laborers shelter are found overgrown with grass and bushy which is a clear sign of abandoning the worksite for quite long time, it said.

The team further inspected the construction works of 100 bedded District Hospital initiated costing crores of Rupees has found that there is no progress at all. The ZYF team is disheartened to see that the Government is not serious enough even to the most important construction works of hospital of which purpose is to provide basic needs of health care to the people of the district, it further said.

The ZYF un-doubtfully thinks that the actual intended purpose of construction of the so called developmental works taking up in the district are not only to gain political gimmick or for exhaustion of public money but with an aims and objectives to provide better facilities and opportunity to the people, it alleged.

The attention of the concern authority is drawn into the matters to cause necessary and strong instructions to the works agencies to complete the works at the earliest. The Government is strongly urged to institute a committee to monitor all the developmental works undergoing in the district so as to complete the works timely and to avoid wastage of development fund without accountability. The work agencies failure to complete works timely is due to ineffectiveness of the Government. Therefore, the ZYF strongly urge the Government to award works to competent work agencies and also to monitor works stage-wise progress, it added.


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