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Manipuri Language day held

Manipur, IMPHAL, August 20: The 21st Manipuri Language Day was observed at different places here  in Imphal today. The Manipuri Sahitya Parisad organized a function to celebrate the day at their office auditorium.

The occasion was attended by Prof Chungkhram Jasobanta Singh of Linguistics in Manipur University. He gave an academic insight to Manipuri language explaining the features and origin of the language through theoretical point of view.

He also asserted that there is a need to make the language more involved in school till the university level through mass effort of the people and also the government.

Also, there is a need to translate all books in Manipuri as students who want to take up Manipuri will have no choice but to leave it due to non availability of books.

The All Manipur Students Union (AMSU) also celebrated Language day at their DM College office. AMSU being one of the forefront organizations that worked towards the inclusion of Manipuri language in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution, the occasion brought together students and former presidents of AMSU to share the history of the struggle of making Manipuri the official language and also their views on the situation of the language at this stage and how we can further progress and preserve it.

Speaking on the occasion, the chief guest Leihaothabam Sharatchandra former president of the organization touched upon the history of the struggle towards making Manipuri an official language. In his speech he urged the government to make MU take up projects that will promote the language and also preserve it.

He asked students not to depend on the opening of directorate for language as it does not ensure the promotion of the language. He also gave an insight to the progress that the state has achieved since the inclusion of Manipuri as an official language and it included degrees given in Manipuri language, the option of giving competitive exams like UPSC in Manipuri even though it is in Bengali script and so on.

In the occasion, it was also informed that of in a report by UNESCO stating that Manipuri language is in a vulnerable state because it is used in small domain such as at home. So the usage of the language is very limited making it vulnerable. Therefore, the speakers urged the organization to continue working towards the progress of the language and to make it academically available in all stages of institution. Language being a tool for identity and a bridge to the bring people closer, it is necessary for each of us to contribute towards making Manipuri language progressive.



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