Maoist to investigate Urea scam


IMPHAL, Aug 2: The Maoist Communist Party has stated that it will investigate a news report which mentioned that the state allocation of Urea has been sold off at an Assam Tea plantation company.

The outfit views the issue seriously and will find out the involved officials.

A press release by Publicity Secretary Nonglen Meitei states that the party has already charged the state Agriculture Department officials of being highly corrupt.

It stated that the fertilizers are transported by the vehicles of an MLA who was a former minister and there is pilferage in the bags reducing a 50 kg bag to that of 45 kg.

The Maoist however ruled out the involvement of the Agriculture minister.It said that the outfit does not blame individuals without proper evidence, but there is obvious material to suggest that some powerful persons are involved. 

The Maoist in its New Democratic revolution holds the welfare of the farmers at the foremost . They are the ones augmenting the economy of the state, but their welfare has been sidelined.  At present the farmers are tormented by the artificial scarcity of fertilizer and the issue will be addressed by the outfit, the statement said.


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