MMAB Press Release – Safety of Manipuris in Karnataka

Manipuri Meitei Association Bangalore –

The Manipuri Meitei Association, Bangalore, would like to bring the attention from the government of Manipur to express its concern on the safety of Manipuris in Karnataka, specially in and around Bangalore, to the counterpart Karnataka government. There is general feeling of insecurity to the people from North East residing in and around Bangalore, as an aftermate from Mumbai violence on August 11, 2012 and due to the ongoing communal tention in the neighbouring state of Assam. Few instances were reported of minor physical abuse and threat to the people from North East during the last few days. The association request to the government of Manipur to put up a formal request to the government of Karnataka for the safety of the people from Manipur.

The association clarifies that there has been no casualty of any Manipuris in Bangalore so far and request not to publish any such report without proper validation.
Thanks & Regards
Publicity & Communication Secy
Posted: 2012-08-15


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