NE exodus: Bulk SMSes, MMSes banned for 15 days – Govt Of India


Aug 17,  5:16 PM |

The Government banned bulk SMSes and MMSes for 15 days across the country from today to check spread of rumours which has led to exodus of north eastern people from certain states.

The decision was taken after reports of widespread circulation of SMSes and MMSes containing misleading information about Assam violence, threats to people of northeastern origin living in other parts of the country and doctored videos.

The Home Ministry has asked Department of Telecommunications to implement the order through the telecom operators.

From today onwards, no one will be able to send more than five SMSes in one go and more than 20 KB of data through mobile phones during the ban period.

The ban came into force after Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh said that spread of rumours by miscreants had led to the fleeing of people belonging to the north east to from Bangalore, Pune and some other parts of the country.




  1. As a Bangalorean, I ask you brothers and sisters from the north east, please do not panic and flee.
    Please stay, you will be safe.
    Stay in close touch with the police and take precautions like always moving in groups, buy pepper spray etc.
    You must be UNITED and make a stand.


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