Olympian Sonia to retire after the next CMG


IMPHAL, August 11: Olympian Weight Lifter Ng Sonia will retire from the sport after participating at the next common wealth games (CMG) for the last time, said Sonia briefing media persons at the Tulihal airport.

She was warmly received with garlands and bands by her family members and the people of the state. She was returning home after participating at the London Olympic. She was the only one who participated at the London Olympic 2012 representing India in the women’s weight Lifting event.   

She further shared the reason for her poor performance at the Olympic where she misses two lifts. She said that due to sudden change in weather and food habit have resulted on her poor performance. While collecting blood for the dope test her elbow was little hurt, whichhad caused her some discomfort while lifting up the weight.

She further said that she consider herself very fortunate to be able to take part at the Olympic, as it is every sport persons’ dream to take part in it. Olympic is not some championship where few players participate but it is a championship of champions where best players from all over the globe participate.

The Manipuri weight lifter who participated in the 48 kg category lifted 74 kg in snatch, 97 kg in clean and jerk with a total of 171 kg and took 7th position at the London Olympic. While the gold medal was bagged by the Chinese weight lifter, Wang Mingjuan by lifting 91 kg in snatch, 114 kg in clean and jerk with a total of 205 kg.

Sonia Chanu is presently working as an inspector in Uttar Pradesh Police Department. She is from Lilong HaoreibiMayai Leikai, Imphal West. 


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