Patriots Day – Ode to Great Martyrs of Manipur



(An ode to the great Martyrs’ of Manipur on the occasion of Patriots’ Day)

Full of pride, honour, gay
Glorious Patriots’ Day today;
Bravest warriors of the land
Fought against the doom’s day
The heroes – cursing their fading fate,
Bounced upon the cunning foes
Indomitable full of courage
Faced the enemy like mirage.
Amidst thunders of the bullets
Paona met hero’s death
Thangal general fought aloof
Killing many like a wolf
Like a true Prince,
Tikendrajit mocked at his British foes
And the faced the noose with a smile
Signalling his nation to rise once more !!!!

by Sonikumar Singh Konjengbam
* The above ode is shared with KanglaOnline by Sonikumar Singh Konjengbam


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