Pension fiasco in Thangmeiband


Manipur, IMPHAL, August 3: In what could be perceived as a political tussle, Trinamool MLA of Thangmeiband  Kh Joykishan has leveled charges of withholding pension cards by his Congress rival W Jyotin Singh.

The MLA has mentioned that despite the inconvenience, the beneficiaries will be given the money tomorrow.

Addressing media persons at his Khuyathong residence today, Joykisan said that he was approached by the District Social Welfare Officer, Kh Ahanjao Singh to formally give away the pension on August 4, the venue was fixed at Phurailatpam Mandop earlier but had been shifted to Thangmeiband Thingel Maru Community Hall on grounds of easy accessibility.

He further stated that even as the date was fixed, it came to his notice that a flyer was distributed to the wards by members of Thangmeiband Assembly Constituency Development Committee (TACDEF).

It stated that the different pensions inclusive of National Old Age Pension Scheme, Old Age Pension Scheme, Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme and Indira Gandhi National Disabled Pension Scheme would be distributed at Ibudhou Naothingkhong Lampak on August 10 by MPCC secretary, Jyotin Waikhom.

The Trinamool MLA also charged that the pension cards have been collected by the councilor of ward number one, S Binarani and Jotin Waikhom earlier. The beneficiaries after coming to know that the pension money would be distributed on August 4 went to residence of Binarari and Jyotin to take their cards, but they both had mentioned that the cards are in the custody of the District Social Welfare Officer, namely Ahanjao Singh.

The senior citizens later approached officer Ahanjao who informed them that he did not receive the cards, the MLA said.

The matter was also reported to the police but there has been no positive action in the regard, the aged persons are running from pillar to post just to get their pension cards. This is petty politics played by the councilor and the MPCC secretary, Joykishan alleged.

He said that the despite the unavailability of the pension cards, he along with officials of the Social Welfare Department will distribute the pension tomorrow at Thangmeiband Thingel.


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