PLA claims victory over AR at `Khoibu battle`


Manipur, IMPHAL, August 3: On July 29 at Chandel district Khoibu centre , there was a skirmish with the cadres of the PLA and the 24 sector Assam Rifles.

The attack was carried out by the soldiers under the tactical command of the PLA, the outfit claimed.

The cadres were awaiting a meal at Khoibu centre with the consent of the elders of village at the Biyang School. The sentry posted warned that the enemy was approaching and the PLA with concern for the safety of the villagers assumed a tactical position near the periphery of the village as per the advice of the village elders. However, the attack was commenced from the Assam Rifles first without any care for the villagers.

However, with use of heavy artillery, the foremost vehicle was shot to bits by the PLA cadres causing several injuries to the security personnel. It is known that there have been several causalities inflicted to the enemy. It mentioned that there were three fatalities including one officer and injured seven sepoys at an encounter which took place at Sita Khunjao on July 3 last.It is the solemn intention of the PLA to drive off the enemy soldiers from the state.

The outfit however regrets any unwanted casualties inflicted on civilians. It warned that the public should keep a distance from the security forces to avoid similar occurrence as there will be similar attacks, a release by  Taohangsu Heiremcha, chief publicity officer of the RPF states.


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