Pol Sc syllabus needs revision: MPSA


IMPHAL, Aug 4: In a move that is believed to have changed the understanding of political science as a subject, a one-day symposium organized by Manipur Political Science Association (MPSA) was held at the Conference Hall of Manipur College, Singjamei today.

Speaking as chief guest of the function, retired professor of Manipur University M Horam explained the significance of political science as a subject.

He defined Political Science as a subject that deals men with his surroundings.

In the light of the changing circumstances, Horam opines the need of revising the syllabus to suit our needs. “We are more concerned on studying the thoughts and models of the western world. Why can’t we develop our own models to solve our problems”, exhorts the professor.

In the light of globalization, he stressed the need of political scientists to study and analyze the possible outcome of the future. “Globalization cannot be questioned. Instead we must try to develop a model of our own to face the onslaught”, he added.

It may be noted that today’s symposium is the first educational event of MPSA after it came into being on 30 May this year.

Prof Ksh Bimola Devi who is also the former dean of social science of the same university suggests how outdated syllabus is removed and replaced by new ones. She said that college authorities have their right in this regard.

“But the most important thing needed is the cooperation among teaching staffs and the heads. An appeal from the college institutions for revision of the syllabus can be sent to the University authorities,” explained the retired dean.

While the Principal of Manipur College Kh Jayentakumar Singh relates the co-relationship between political science and economics, Head of Political science of the college Dr H Indrakumar Singh spoke on the importance of peaceful coexistence.

On the scope of political science, Indrakumar said that a person considers the subject solely to state and administration. However, it is a subject that touches all aspect of life, said Indrakumar who is the functional president of the symposium.

Today’s symposium was attended by Dr L Rajen Singh, Arambam Noni, Dr Indrakumar, S Dangmei and Dr Binarani as speakers of the technical session held in the evening.


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