Thongpu not related to militants


IMPHAL, August 31: The eldest son of the Haroathel alleged shootout victim, S Thongpu on August 28 today clarified that his father was not related to any militant outfit.

Speaking to media persons at the Manipur Press Club this afternoon, Khuplunthang said his father works a mason and that on August 28 he was home as he had no work.

He further exerted that he saw his father go in an auto rickshaw with two of their neigbours on the day of the encounter.

He further alleged that the two neighbours had arrived just about 20 days back alongwith their other family members.

He continued that one amongst the two identified himself as a surrenderee while the other identified himself as an army personnel.

The one identifying himself as a surrenderee had also tried to recruit him and one of his friend for a militant outfit some days back luring him. The man lured them by saying that since they are in peace talk they will not have to take up arms but should would only have to stay outside their camps and deliver letters and run other errands.

He continued that the man also took him and his friend to the Loitang Khunou AR post and introduced them to a man who he identified as their leader.

He further alleged that some locals had also seen his father alongwith the two in a local vendor and that his father was in an inebriated condition. He said that the locals told him that the three took an auto to leave the place.

Meanwhile, a local meira paibi who also attended the press conference said that the two persons hailed an auto to leave the place.

Meanwhile, she also claimed that the auto driver who hails from the same locality had told the locals that he drove the three upto Haraothel Kuki village and while returning he was stopped another person at Chirang Thongkhong and enquired where he had drove the three.

He was asked to leave his auto at the place and accompany the person and some others in a van.

After taking them to the location, the persons asked him to remain at the van and went away, sometime later there was a gunshot, hearing which he called his wife and told her that he has been picked up by some persons who seem to be security personnel in civvies.

After that the local went to the place and take him out.

Meanwhile, the local meira paibi continued that following the news about the death of Thongpu, the local meira paibis stormed the AR camp and asked to bring them out.When the AR personnel took paraded those inside the camp, Thongpu’s son pinpointed one of their neigbour at which the AR authorities assured them to take action against the person if they are found guilty, but asked the locals to first file a complaint with the concern police.


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