Youth fest concludes amidst festivities


IMPHAL, August 21:The closing ceremony of the 7th Youth Cultural Integration festival was held today at Youth Hostel, Khuman Lampak. The festival was on for seven days participated by different districts of Manipur and youths from Itanagar.

The occasion was graced by Maharaja Leishemba Sanjaoba of Manipur including O Yaiman Singh, Ex-joint director of Adult Edu. Dept. and Om Prakash who is the founding member of BSS Manipur.

Speaking on the occasion as the chief guest, Leishemba Sanjaoba stressed on the importance of integrity among the people of Manipur especially between the people of the hills and the plains because in these recent years the relationship between them have started to disintegrate.

Recalling how even in the history of the royal family brides other than their own community was welcomed in the family, now the situation is such that it brings unwanted disagreements in the society.

He also stressed upon building love and understanding among the people so as to gain integrity among the various people and ethnicity of the state.

The closing ceremony also had participants of the festival performing traditional songs and dances but the only difference was that they had clubbed different ethnicities together to showcase a feeling of mutual appreciation of each other’s culture.

The participants from Ukhrul also performed a skit where they showed that one person or one community cannot bring integrity but it is the combined efforts of the people that will bring integrity to the state and the nation.


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