Lanfam – Action film from local martial artists


Manipur, IMPHAL, September 27: “Manipur is a place brimming with talented sportspersons, why can’t their skills be showcased in the movies, we can propagate them and our rich traditional arts through the visual arts,” mentioned film director, Vir Bhadra Yumnam to IFP.

For the first time in the state, an action film sans the usual tragi-romance based formula is slated to begin production. The debuting lead actors, both male and female are top notch martial artists proficient in Manipuri traditional fighting arts of Thang Ta, Sarit-Sarat and other oriental techniques inclusive of Wu-Shu and Tai-Chi.

“I know that this production is a gamble, new faces and new talents. But, I take it as a challenge to bring in a new flavor to our digital films. Our casting crew has the skills to impress the cine goers and I have my fingers crossed”, Vir added.

A pre–production ceremony of the film titled “Lanfam” (The Battlefield) was held at Kongba Nandeibam Leikai this morning.

IFP met up with the production crew including lead cast Nandeibam Frank, a 25 year old having a physique which can put Jackie Chan to shame. He mentioned that he resigned from the CRPF service just recently.

“I want to pursue my love for the martial arts further. The Manipuri Martial Arts are not highlighted much in the films and there are athletes who possess superb fighting skills. I think this production will at least exhibit some of the rich talents of our youths and traditional martial arts”, he said.

Frank is an international Wu-Shu player and recently bagged 3 gold medals at the South Asian Championship held at Dhaka. He is a silver medalist of the First Martial Arts Games held at Thailand recently.

“I have been in this discipline for the last 15 years”, Frank added.

Aside from his martial skills, the lead actor also plays the guitar. When quizzed if he feels intimidated in facing the camera, “I feel that I wouldn’t have any problems there, rather I am looking forward to delivering dialogues”, he retorted candidly.

The female lead will be played by Rebecca Pebam who exudes a ‘Bala-ish’ look.

Like her male counterpart, Rebecca is also proficient in martial arts and has participated in various National championships. She has also undergone stunt training at Cyprus.

Recently Rebecca got the position as National Judge for Wu-Shu.

There are another four well trained martial artists with impressive physiques in the cast.

The film plot dwells on a group of individuals being sanctioned by a top police officer to fight crime without using lethal arms. The band fights social menaces including a powerful crime lord.

“There will be some interesting twist and turns in the film plot. That I can assure the audience”, the action stunts performed by the actors themselves will be worth watching, Director Vir Bhadra promises.

Lanfam will hit Manipur theatres by March ‘13


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