BJP gain in panchayat elections


IMPHAL, September 25: State BJP spokesperson Prof S Tikendra claimed the recent Gram Panchayat election in the state as a stepping stone towards gaining popularity in the state.

Speaking to media persons today at the party’s state office, the party vice president claimed that more than 50 percent of the party supported candidates had won in the recent election.

Even though the 4th Gram Panchayat election in four districts of the state was supposed to be a free symbol election, most political parties active in the state including the BJP had fielded their candidates, he claimed.

Addressing a press conference, he said that the BJP had supported 28 Pradhan candidates out of which 11 had won, the party supported 198 member candidates out of which 132 candidates won, he continued.

Lauding the BJP supporters for the success, he said it is a good beginning for the party in the panchayati areas.

Indicating to a few stray incidents and disruptions during the election, he blamed the State Election Commission’s failure to provide a ceiling to election expenditures for the disruptions.

He continued that since there was no expenditure ceilings, intoxicants like alcohols, feasting and money poured without any limits resulting in violence at certain places.

He pointed that the worst part of the recent election is the failure of the several Returning Officers to properly conduct their roles during the post voting period of the election.

He further alleged that there is an instance of an RO issuing winning certificate to two candidates of the same polling station.


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