Capacity building workshop ends


IMPHAL, September 29: A three day workshop titled “Capacity Development and Management for e-NGOs for Eastern India” was held at Classic Hotel, Imphal which commenced from September 25 and concluded on the 27. The workshop was inaugurated by the Governor of Manipur Gurbachan Singh, as the Chief Guest and D.S.Poonia Singh, chief secretary as Guest of Honour as part of the two parallel session workshop.

The workshop is part of a series of workshops which is to be held in India at four different zones, i.e. Mumbai, Imphal, Bengaluru and Delhi. It may be mentioned that ,in a global competition held by the United States Government through Fulbright Alumni Engagement innovation Fund (AEIF), the BNHS entry of the project, “Capacity Development of Mid-level professionals from Environment NGOs into Master Trainers through Management Workshops” has been selected from 685 entries from over the Globe.

From the 50 finalist, two projects were selected from India. The project is led by Dr. V Shubhalaxmi from BNHS along with Rajkumari Sunita Devi, regional coordinator of Eastern Zone, from State Level Nodal Agency for Watershed Project, Planning, Manipur and other Fulbright Alumni from Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi and Bhubaneshwor.

About 20-NGOs participated in the workshop that came from NE region and the nine districts of Manipur. Various topics on grant writing, team building, leadership, project management, fund raising etc were discussed during the three days workshop. The second day saw a panel discussion with media persons and participant NGOs. The gap in communicating between the media and NGOs were also discussed in detail. The panelist also gave their comments on the methodology to be adopted in approaching the media by the civil organizations and vice-versa on how their issue can be reported. The panelist gave their view that in order to address an issue, the report should contain significant objective which is for a cause and individual breakthroughs that will catch the readers eye.

Various participating NGOs commented that the workshop is a unique one and it’s like has been held for the first time in the State.

Tuive Lolly, President of PARDA, an NGO from Ukhrul commented that the technical session was immensely helpful and he will further practice the norms learnt during the seminar for further successful management of his organization.

A representative of an NGO based in Chandel, commented similarly that the session has totally new dimensions aimed at how an NGO can further progress in its work and to deal with organizational shortcomings incurred. It was mentioned that the seminar experience will be pivotal in addressing the needs of the public and the environment and further help him in building up his organization.

Dr. Subhalaxmi,team leader of BNHS said problems pertaining to the side of this region is exceptional as compared with other States of the Nation, and it really was an eye opener to her and the team in listening to issues faced by NGOs of the region. The participants of the seminar thanked the regional co-ordinator, Rajkumari Sunita for her effort in organizing such a landmark workshop at Imphal. It can be mentioned that the three days workshop was just a beginning of an year long mentoring phase for the eNGOs. During this year, they will be correspondent on their achievement, enhancement and further development of their organisation. Indeed the team of Fulbright will be handholding the participant for a year. There will be an year end retreat for the whole team and participant at April, 2013 to observe how far the whole project is successful. State Level Nodal Agency for Watershed Management, PlanningDept. and State Academy of Training, Govertment of Manipur was the co-host of the workshop together with Bombay Natural History Soceity, Mumbai.


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