Gaikhangam says `dialogue only solution`


IMPHAL, Sept 9 (Newmai News Network): Militant organisations are trying to make their presence felt by planting bombs in public places in the past one week, said Manipur Home Minister Gaikhangam while condemning the recent blasts.

Talking to Newmai News Network this evening, the state Home Minister said before every election whether small or big, underground outfits always carry out violent activities.

“The Panchayat election in Manipur will be held on September 13 and these groups are trying their best to remind the people about their existence,” said Gaikhangam.

The state Home Minister then said dialogue is the best weapon to solve any problem.

“The state government of Manipur is always ready to facilitate dialogues between the underground organisations and the government of India,” said the state Home Minister while adding, “The time has come for talks and that any group has the liberty to express their desire and discontentment during the dialogue.”

The Home minister further stated that violence can never bring a solution but dialogue can.

“The state government has been putting its best effort with utmost sincerity to facilitate the various groups for holding dialogues and this is the only and the best way for solving any problem,” stated Gaikhangam, adding that creating situation where a fear psychosis reigns among the public by the underground groups is condemnable.

Meanwhile, security situation in Manipur has become a farce affair as blasts continue to rock the state since the recent time.

The series of blasts also came in a time when a co-ordination committee (CorCom) of seven major underground groups of Manipur including UNLF, RPF/PLA, PREPAK, PREPAK-PRO), UPPK, KYKL and KCP had served a quit notice to non-locals to leave Manipur by December 31.


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