Governance and media


IMPHAL, September 26: The seminar on “Governance for Conflict Resolution” held at Classic Hotel in its second day saw a panel discussion with media persons and representatives from different NGOs.

The panelist included Y Rupachandra, chief editor of IS Tv, Valley Rose, editor of Aza daily, Sobhapati Samon, correspondent of Assam Tribune and Imphal Free Press reporter , Chaoba Aribam.

During the panel discussion, the perspective of the state media both electronic and print were discussed with adherence to reporting about the workings of the NGOs and further on how to bring about a co-ordinated effort among the institutions for holistic development.

The gaps between the civil bodies and the media were analyzed in the discussion.

Y Rupachandra mentioned that transparency and accountability is a must from the side of the NGOs and a trust needs to be created by the stakeholders to ensure a cordial relationship with the media. In due time, the workings of the NGOs will be credibly addressed in the publications, he said.

The program saw Issac Kehimhar of BNHS presenting his experience on having good relations with the Media and the organizations. Further, Raju Arumugham of Investhope and Dr. Shubhalaxmi of BNHS presented different topics.


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