Hill district contract teachers woes


IMPHAL, September 26 : The All Manipur Hill district contract basis teachers’ association, AMHDCBTA urged the state chief minister to address their issue regarding their appointment and remuneration status.

In a statement, the association pointed out there are now 2152 teachers utilised by the state government in all six hill districts of Manipur since January 2009 and non were paid any salary for the last 44 months.

The statement also said their contracts were neither extended nor their appointment are regularised and hence kept in the dark with no salary despite their work and time given and serve according to the contracts.

The association urged the education authority and the concerned minister to address the woes of these contract basis teachers and deliver a permanent solution.

Bodies thanked authorities
By A Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, 26 Sept: Phaicham Veng Administrative Committee, Moreh; Tamil Sangam, Moreh and

Gurkha Samaj, Moreh thanked Chief Minister, Tengnoupal MLA and ADC & DRDA, Chandel for providing 600KV(700-A) Electric Transformer in their locality.

It is reported that the locality has been cut off as power line fails since many day. But the timely intervention of the concerned authorities enabled the locals to get electricity again.

A press statement issued by the said bodies wishes them the best while also urging to continue to contribute for the general good, added the source.

‘Weaving disarmament’ impress UNIC Director, public
By Our Correspondent
IMPHAL, 26 September:Film screenings and exhibition on the topic “Weaving Disarmament: Arts, crafts and paintings by people from conflict areas”, was held today at UN Conference Hall, United Nations Information Centre (UNIC),55 Lodi Estate, New Delhi.

The exhibition which was inaugurated by Director of UNIC, Kiran Mehra-Kerpelman was organized by Manipur Women Gun Survivors Network and Control Arms Foundation of India (CAFI) together with United Nations Information Centre.

Stating that the event was ‘absolutely amazing’, the UN director said while inaugurating, “Art shows that violence does not kill the creativity. And this wonderful endeavour is leading people hope and peace”.

A press statement issued by the founder of the organisation, Binalakhsmi Nepram stated the event was organised to mark the 12 day campaign from International Day of Peace to International Day of Violence mainly to promote peace and non violence in every society.

It is reported that over 20,000 people have been killed in the last five decades due to ongoing conflict in India’s northeast state Manipur. Today more than 30 armed groups operate in Manipur – ranging from small outfits to organizations with several thousand members.

With total disregard to human rights by India armies, dozens of battalions of the Indian Army and several units of Indian paramilitary forces are stationed throughout Manipur.

The state has been declared as one of the most conflict-ridden states in India. “Women and children of Manipur suffer most in this conflict.

Every year 300 are widowed as a result of arm violence,” added the source.

“The idea behind the event is to heal people from the conflict area so as to develop peace and Non-Violence and to showcase their talent and skills and giving hope for Peace and development in this region.”

The exhibition includes beautiful paintings, photographs, handloom and handicraft products by Manipuri artisans and craftsman such as Manipuri shawls, ‘enaphi’ (Manipuri dupatta), hao phannek (Manipuri wrap around) , leiroom (hand woven scarf).

Shawls from different Kuki tribes and ‘Haophi’( Manipuri Shawls), traditional hand bags etc which signify the vibrant and rich crafts and artistic skills of the region. Products made from water reeds like mat, bowls, ‘phiruk’ (traditional Manipuri basket), ‘lukmai’ (traditional Manipuri tray) and decorative items were displayed at the exhibition.

The source further added that due to the overwhelming response, the UNIC, Delhi has asked CAFI (Control Arms Foundation of India) to repeat the “Weaving Disarmament” Exhibition during the Global Fortnight of Action to End Violence Against Women starting 26 November to 10 December 2012.

Indo-Thai trade meeting held at Moreh
By Our Correspondent
MOREH, 26 September: In a move to foster better understanding and increasing economic cooperation between Thailand and India, a business meet between Thai delegation and Indian officials was held at the Conference Hall, Moreh Trade Centre yesterday.

The informal meeting which begins around 5:30 in the evening and continued till 7:30 deliberated on the problem and prospects that the two countries are going to face in the future. It also discussed the mode of transportation system that will link the two countries.

Participants include Manipur chapter of Northeast Federation on International Trade, Northeast Logistic and Consultancy Service, officials from commerce and industry department, public leaders and experts representing the Indian side. On the other hand Thai officials were represented by Dr Netpreeya Choomchaiyo and twelve others.

To strengthen ties between the two countries, the meet also seeks more cooperation through BIMSTEC and the Asian Economic Community. It is reported that Indian goods especially textiles and drugs are highly demanded in Thailand.

Referring to the uniqueness of a traditional dress worn by a particular tribal group, a Thai delegation who is reported to be a designer too was impressed by it. “We can upgrade this tribal dress for international market”, said a delegate, probably referring to Saipikhup, a shawl of a section of Kukis.

During the meeting, an appeal was made by members present to the representative from Indian officials that adequate security must be provided to prevent highway disturbances, regular power supply to the locals and early functioning of trade related plans and projects.

Ksh Santakumar, OSD/Department of Commerce and Industry, who headed the Indian side, stated that the recently inaugurated weight and measures, animal quarantine& Trade information centre will be made functional at the earliest.

Declaring that the government has sanctioned order for establishing one food testing centre at Moreh, the official said that the testing centre will be established at the earliest. Though the meeting was not so formal, the expectation it could yield is high, added the source.


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