Huge turnout at repoll


IMPHAL, Sept 15: Repoll at eight polling stations of the 4th General Gram Panchayat which was held today witnessed huge turnout of voters with more than 90 percent turnout recorded.

Repoll at all polling stations remained peaceful and not a single incident was reported.

Repoll was held at two polling stations at Imphal East and Imphal West each, one polling station in Thoubal and three polling stations in Bishnupur district.

Counting of votes will be done on September 17.

Meanwhile, a protest committee formed against the holding of repoll of 1/2/2 Nongada Part II, Imphal East called a press conference urging the authorities to conduct the repoll and provide them with the opportunity to exercise their franchise.

Speaking at the press conference, convenor Sh Purnimasi Devi said polling at the station 1/2/2 Nongada Part II was stopped by the returning officer after it was found that Member candidate Ph Bobby’s symbol was wrongly represented with a car even though the right symbol should have been Aeroplane.

She said the presiding officer had provided a written assurance that the repoll for the members will be conducted.

She further lamented the news report that repoll will not be held at 1/2/2 Nongada Part II as it was empty during the September 13 polling.


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