Education department to discontinue ad-hoc/officiating employees


Manipur,IMPHAL, September 18:  The Education Department (School Section), Government of Manipur has notified in a statement thatto all the head masters/principals/head of offices under Education (S) Department not to allow to continue the services of the ad-hoc/officiating employees in their respective schools/offices without proper authority or order from the government.

It has further said that many officiating/ad-hoc teachers/employees are found retaining in the LP Schools, Primary Schools, Junior High Schools, high and higher secondary schools by their respective head masters/principals even after expiry of their term of ad-hoc/officiating appointment. Such ad-hoc/officiating employees are to be served in the respective schools/offices only for the specific term/specific period mentioned in the respective appointment order.

The head masters/principals/head of offices are allowed to continue their ad-hoc/officiating service and issue their duty/utilization certificate to cause filling of court cases, it said.

In case the concerned head master/principal/head of office retained the services of such persons in their schools/offices except for those whose cases are protected by an order of the court or by the competent authority, necessary action shall be taken up against the concerned head master/principal under Manipur Public Servants Personal Liability Act, it added.


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