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Maoist bandh along Uripok Kanchup road

IMPHAL, September 8: The Maoist Communist Party has clamped a bandh along the Uripok Kanchup road from Iroisemba and from Singda Dam road upto Loitang Khunou area. The bandh is scheduled to begin from September 10 midnight till the midnight of the following day, encompassing 24 hours.

A press release by publicity secretary of the outfit, Nonglen Meitei has stated that the party has observed that there are many conspirators who are operating against the welfare of the public.

Those involved in the activity summons citizens to Moreh town for certain demands and threatens dire consequences if not obliged. There is a new trend among some outfits of terrorizing the populace through intimidation and the use of arms. It is known that there is no positive outcome of certain organizations targeting the civilian populace and hence has led to deterioration of the revolutionary movement, the motives of the leaders spearheading the movement have become questionable.

Decrying such intentions and in response to the interest of the general public, the Maoist has clamped the general strike, the release stated.

The outfit mentioned that transport involved in the current panchayat elections will not be allowed to ply along the mentioned routes. It also mentioned that the outfit is still a fledgling but has the best interest of bring about justice for the common man.

It further claimed of planting an explosive at the Lairenkabi Kadangban residence of former Pradhan of the gram panchayat, namely one Premkumar. The release mentions that utmost care is taken by the guerillas not to plant any explosive material which may cause harm to civilians.



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