Need Counselling Centres at schools


IMPHAL, Sept 21: There is a need to open or provide counselling facilities or to refer to experts for school going children involved in teenage romance or relationship rather than to award punitive measures for their behaviours and affairs, a statement from the Manipur Alliance for Child Rights, MACR stated today.

MACR said, such punishment or actions against those children will result in undesirable consequences and become unnecessary victims, citing the recent news of committing suicide by a primary school student of Leishangthem Keibung, Maibam Milan, 15 years, and that of Brington, a student of JNV Umathel in the year 2010.

To avoid and prevent such consequences from happening amongst school going children, there is a need to provide psychological counselling and life`s skill training on a regular basis to students, the statement said and added, the issue of teenage romance or love relationship amongst school going children must be dealt professionally and not by punitive forces.

The statement further appealed the local cable tv operators to refrain from telecasting or broadcasting films and albums which popularises or vulgarize teenage romance or other that promotes physical and emotional relationships.


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