Non availability of non judicial stamps


    IMPHAL, September 27 : The non availability of non-judicial stamps of small and smaller denomination of Rs 50, 10 and 5 in the state have led to an unusual situation forcing customers to buy available non-judicial stamps of Rs 100 for any purpose even for smaller requirements.

    When IFP visited the existing court complexes at Lamphel and Imphal where such non-judicial stamps were sold and used, none of the small and smaller denomination non judicial stampes were available in any of the licence holder venders except for the big amounts.

    There is a huge demand for smaller denomination recently particularly for the customers seeking verification to obtain consumers card for gas cylinders and have increased manifold in recent times including those who have lost their originals and seeking duplicate cards.

    Speaking to IFP, human rights activists and a senior advocate, Khaidem Mani said if this situation continues, then there is a need to file a Public Interest Litigation, PIL against the government and the authority for the artificial scarcity and causing unnecessary problem and a huge lost to the consumers.


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