People have lost faith in criminal justice system: Gov


IMPHAL, September 15: Lamenting the poor levels of police investigation and prosecution state Governor Gurbachan Jagat has said that the common people has lost faith in the criminal justice system.

The governor was speaking at the closing ceremony of yearlong Diamond Jubilee Celebration of All Manipur Bar Association (AMBA) held today at Cheirap Court Complex, Uripok.

The occasion was graced by PHED Minister I Hemochandra Singh as the Guest of Honour and AMBA President A Indrakumar Singh as the functional president.

Manipur Governor Gurbachan Jagat during the closing ceremony of the yearlong Diamond Jubilee celebration of the AMBA on Saturday.

Governor Jagat said, “We are in a situation today where investigation levels of police all over the country have gone down abysmally. Standards of prosecution are even poorer.

Due to loss of faith, local people in Manipur have started destroying houses of suspects and lynching them even before the police reaches the spot.”

The Governor expressed the need for the Association to have more books in the library as the legal fraternity needs to constantly update so that it is in tune with the times.

He also explained that the association’s role in bringing in just society is very important as it can be a bridge between the common people and the Law especially in the village areas as people do not have adequate information about laws.

Laws like RTI Act can be covered as it can help the people on obtaining information about developmental work plans of their areas and hold the representative responsible if there are any misdeeds.

The Governor touched upon many areas where the Association can lend its hand to the people and he also urged the Association to take a leading part in the development of Manipur so that it can claim its place in the vanguard of the States of the country.

I Hemochandra Singh in his Guest of Honour speech expressed his pride on how the lawyers have been active in the society and in matters of civic laws.

He also expressed the need for improving the society and sensitizing the people on various laws that might be in direct concern with the people’s lives and how the Association can help the people in this regard.

He also expressed the need for dispensing of judgments and quickly as there are many people who are in jails because of the delay in the process of judicial proceedings.


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