Public input necessary for decision making


IMPHAL, September 29: Change is inevitable and will occur and come along with time. The process of development is best achieved when inputs from various sections of a society is involved and incorporated in the decision making.

This was stated by Y Surchandra, MLA, Kakching AC during his speech at the one day discourse on “The Future of Manipur” organised by the Freedom Research Foundation, FRF, Imphal at Manipur Press Club this morning at 10 am.

Surchandra further stated there is a need to work together for mutual benefits especially in the wake of the Look East Policy on the card and there should be no disturbances, and added, we ought to nurture work culture and maintain commitment to our roles and responsibilities.

Speaking on the occasion as the president of the function, RK Anand, MLA stressed the importance to identify and explore our current position and from where we can fill the gaps and further ahead in areas in order the keep up the pace with the rest of the civilization around the world.

He further stressed the need to explore the current stance and position where Manipur is in relation to India as a whole where the state is reeling under a conflict zone. RK Anand said, it is a big concern for all especially when the state authority and the centre does not take any heed until and unless there is bloodshed and mayhem in the society.

RK Ranendrajit, chairman cum director of FRF in his key not address stressed the importance to address any issue collectively and under one banner. It is high to discuss and prepare ourselves with a proper line of action and plan for the future in a holistic approach that would benefit one and all equally.


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