Reported cases of child rights violation goes upto 895 in the state


IMPHAL, September 29: The Manipur Alliance for Child Rights held a press conference today to disseminate the information about child rights violation cases that occurred in Manipur during the past one year i.e. from Sept 2011 to Sept 2012.

The convener of the organization, K Pradipkumar while speaking to the media persons explained that the number of cases of child rights violation in a small state like Manipur is very alarming.

He informed that the number of reported cases of child rights violation is about 895.

It should be noted here that these are reported cases which means that with non-reported cases the figure will be much higher.

The organization did the research based on child rights violation such as rape, child trafficking, murder, suicide, child soldiers, displacement and others which includes abandoned children, kidnapping attempt to murder and bomb blast injuries.

The worst part in child rights violations is the non-conviction of culprits. So far 12 culprits have been arrested but none was convicted.

Which means that these culprits will continue to commit crimes against children because they feel that they can roam about free?

Also rehabilitation of children such as in the case of child trafficking, rape, displacements is none.

The main reason that children are being trafficked is because of the non-availability of education, care and other resources which make them vulnerable to getting trafficked.

Therefore, when children are rescued and sent back to their parents if rehabilitation is not provided, there is no guarantee that the child is free from getting trafficked again.

The convener also explained that the Right to Education Act, 2009 has not been implemented in any private school in Manipur.

According to the Act, 25% of the seats should be reserved for the weaker section of the society such as socially disadvantaged children (ST/ST), parentless, HIV infected and affected children, children with special needs etc.

The organization expressed his dismay over the situation and explained that if children are in school there is less chances that they will be violated.

He further explained that there is a need for the government to start taking actions so that the children in the society will feel secured.

Steps that will empower the parents and encourage children to go to school should be taken up.

Also, police should be given sensitization and awareness workshops dealing especially in child rights violation.

Most importantly, culprits should be convicted.


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