Six days without power in Ukhrul


From John K Kaping
UKHRUL, September 10: Ukhrul district has been thrown into complete darkness for almost 6 days after power supply in the district came to an abrupt stop on September 5 morning.

After six days and nights of darkness, people have started questioning the government’s silence on the issue.

However, concerned with the public grievances due to the long black out, when this IFP correspondent communicated with the concerned department on the problem, a source informed that the prolonged black-out was due to a technical breakdown at the Yaingangpokpi Power Sub-Staion Division II.

Students have been complaining about their difficulties in their studies due to the prolonged blackout, however the department is yet to act.

Almost everyone has been affected by the blackout including government offices, schools, institutions, Churches, NGOs in Ukhrul District Headquarter, in fact the whole Ukhrul District Headquarter wears a complete darkness specially during night time.

Few and very few houses and buildings are seen with electric bulbs glowing with the help of generators or solar lamps at night, but many houses remain dark as they are unable to avail the service of generators or solar lamps and in reality there is no beauty of Ukhrul any there is no light. People are spending a lot of money just for charging their mobile hand-sets, spending most of the time standing in queues at the shops dealing for charging services fetching Rs 10/- per mobile hand set for full charged battery.

Such shops are fetching handsome side income with the help of generators.


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