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Ukl School in bad condition

From John K Kaping
UKHRUL, September 5: Following many complaints from the students of the “Raphei Model High School”, the Ukhrul Deputy Commissioner R Sudhan along with the Zonal Education Officer, ZEO, KPO had inspected the institution yesterday.

During the official inspection, the team were briefed on the grievances faced by the teaching staffs including its Headmaster.

The factual information reveals that, though the government has the policy to maintain the modern educational strategy like those of the private institutions by establishing innovative “Model High schools” in all the districts of the State, however, the  Raphei Model High school set up at the centre location between the Lungyar and Longpi villages in the north which is 33 km away from Ukhrul Headquarter has remained only in building but has failed to bring any quality educational vision.

As the matter of fact, the “Raphei Model high School” has an acute shortages of teachers especially Science Graduate Teachers(SGT) to teach the 126 students in the school, the overall students strength coming from the villages of Lunghar village, Longpi and Longpi kachui villages.

The school has no residential facilities as against the plan of the government, there is no alternative electricity facilities apart from the irregular power supply for the students to study, the school students have no computer facilities or even free-lap-tops as assured in the Government`s policy to avail free lap top to each student and there is no sports materials or recreational facilities at all for the students.

The government has also transferred or utilized 3 previous teachers in SSA besides the condition of teachers shortages in the school.

The Raphei Model High School with Standard V- X institution is running with altogether 7 teachers only against the real sanction post of 27 teachers. The acute shortage of teachers in the “Model School” has caused immense problems for the careers of the students as it is not possible for the meagre teachers to cover the whole classes.

Meanwhile, the Ukhrul DC and ZEO had a thorough discussion with the administration of the Raphei Model School and its teachers concerning on the students` grievances and took a serious note on the students` problems to give the matter of reports to the State Government.

The DC also assured the students to provide solar lamps for studies.



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