Chunthuigai Kamei killing resolved


IMPHAL, October 6: The GPRN/NSCN and Zeliangrong civil organizations have recently come into an understanding regarding the recent killing of ZSUM secretary Chunthuigai Kamei on August 17.

The public resolution adopted earlier in connection with the killing stands ineffective after the matter was settled in accordance to the Zeliangrong customary and tradition, said a joint statement of several Zeliangrong civil bodies.

According to a joint press statement of the All Zeliangrong Students’ Union (AMN), Zeliangrong Youth Front (AMN), Zeliangrong Students’ Union, Manipur and the Zeliangrong Baudi, Manipur a joint meeting between the Zeliangrong Civil organizations and GPRN/NSCN was held on the 3rd October, 2012 at Longmai (Noney).

It said that the GPRN/NSCN was represented by David Panmei, Tatar, R Aduan, chairman, Zeliangrong Region of GPRN/NSCN along with their other responsible cadres while the civil organizations were represented by the president, AZSU (AMN), president, ZYF (AMN), chairman, Zeliangrong Baudi Manipur, chairman, ZSUM, president, Rongmei Naga Council, speaker of Inpui Students’ Union, convenor of ZSU Longmai Area, secretary of the Village Authority Council Longmai Area, chairman, Longmai Bazar Board and other members and elders of different villages.

“During the meeting both parties have jointly signed an understanding that no such incident would occur in the future; no public leader, civil organisation leaders, civilians would be tortured or harassed etc. Any public leader, civil organisations leader, civilian who committed activities against the GPRN/NSCN, the outfit should produce sufficient evidence of activities committed and hand over the person(s) to their respective organization and to the village authority where the person(s) belongs to.”

It has said that following the GPRN/NSCN of Zeliangrong Region admitted their mistake and responsibility for the killing the matter was settled in accordance with the Zeliangrong customary and tradition therefore, the public resolutions adopted earlier in connection with the killing of Chuithuigai Kamei, State Secretary, ZSUM stands ineffective.


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