Gangpijang celebrates 52nd Chavang Kut


IMPHAL, 18 Oct: Dances and display of traditional items marked the 52nd Gangpijang Chavang Anthah Lhun Kut held at Gangpijang village, Sadar Hills today.

Chairman of Sadar Hills ADC, Haokholal Hangsing attended the function as chief guest while local MDC Lunkhohen Haokip presided the function. Kut Pa of the year was bestowed to imminent human right activist and social leader Dr S Chongloi.

Speaking at the event Haokholal stated Kut as a binding force behind the Kuki people. He said, “Everyone celebrates wherever he is. So it signifies a binding force”.

Aknowledging the contribution of the past leaders who make Kut of today happen, he urge the villagers to continue the tradition.

Further, the ADC Chairman opines Kut of today to be more concerned on traditional values, while facing the onslaught of modernity and globalisation.

Chavang Kut, which was once a great festival lost its significance in the early part of the 20th century. However, it was later revived with Gangpijang villagers stared celebrating the event from 1961.

Today, it is largely credited and acknowledges that Gangpijang Chavang Kut is the mother of all Kut, as far as celebrations of today is concerned.

Elaborating how traditional values lost its significance, Kut Pa Dr S Chongloi lamented the way how Christianity faith got implanted in the minds of the people.

“Early Christians discourage the traditional practices of the Kukis terming as devilish and against christian faith. That has greatly harmed the traditional values,” explained Chongloi, partly blaming how people were indoctrinated.

Today`s function was also attended by Sadar Hills MDCs, Thangkam Misao and Hemjathang Khongsai and  also spoke on different issues.


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