Mera Hou Chongba at Haying Khongbal


IMPHAL, Oct 30: The Mera Hou Chongba was also observed today at the Lainingthou Sanamahi Laishang, Haying Khongbal Tolong Yumpham, 1st MR complex under the theme “Ching Tam Pot Lannaba Thouram.

The celebration was attended by state Home Minister G Gaikhangam, Works Minister Dr Kh Ratan, Parliamentary Secretary, M Prithibiraj and LSTB president and ex Minister L Jayenta as the chief guest, guests of honour and president, respectively.

Gifts were exchanged between the people of different communities as part of the celebration.

The first gifts were exchanged between Home Minister Gaikhangam and Works Minister Dr Kh Ratan. Other main highlights of the celebration also included cultural dance shows.

Addressing the celebration, Home Minister Gaikhangam said the exchange of gifts amongst people of different communities today have a meaning.

The tradition of exchanging gifts on this day has been there since a long time back which shows that there has been unity and love amongst the different communities of Manipur.

He also wished the people for the tradition to continue and bring a united and loving society amongst the different communities of the state.


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