Govt invites Kuki groups for talks


IMPHAL, November 19: State Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam announced today that the government will invite the Kuki State Demand Committee for talks tomorrow at 3:30 pm on the issue of the Kuki State demand.

The Dy CM who is also the MPCC president was speaking to media persons on the sidelines of the Quami Ekta observation at the Congress Bhavan in connection with the 95th birth anniversary of former India’s Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

The state government has been under pressure of late on the Kuki State demand issue, with the KSDC imposing blockades along all highways including state and national highways passing through the Kuki inhabited areas of the state and the Kuki National Organization threatening to suspend its Suspension of Operation (SoO) unless the government initiate talks on the issue by November 22.

Almost all inter district transportation system have come to an abrupt halt following the bandh.

The MPCC president had also announced that considering the interest of the common people, the government will urge the blockade enforcers to lift the blockade.

Blockades only affect the general public of both the hills and the valley in an adverse way, he continued.

He said the government has started pressing the Union Home Minister and his officials to start talks with the Kuki militant outfits KNO and UPF.

The blockade will render the general public in untold miseries, the Dy Chief Minister who also holds the Home portfolio said.

Meanwhile, as if referring to the Nov 22 deadline of the KNO, the Dy CM also said that since the Monsoon session of the Indian Parliament will commence from November 22, it would not be possible to arrange talks with the Union Home Ministry from November 22.

He continued after the end of the Assembly session, senior officials of the Union Home Ministry will be arriving in the state to arrange talks with the KNO and the UPF, for which the modalities will be initiated soon.

Today’s “Quami Ekta” observation was organized by the Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee with the Dy CM as the chief guest.

Speaking further to media persons, the Dy CM had also informed that the Manipur Assembly has already taken a resolution on the Inner Line Permit system which has been forwarded to the Centre.

He however informed that the state government has no say in such matters and it can only be decided by the Centre.

He continued if the people want a rejoinder to be sent to the centre than it will be done; he however urged the people not to initiate anything which could disturb the state and not to act in such way which could depict Manipur as a state without the rule of law.

When asked about the stock of the petroleum products in the state amidst the blockade imposed on the highways, the Dy CM replied that he will talk with the concerned Minister and all necessary actions will be taken up to ensure sufficient supply of essential commodities and petroleum products in the state.

The observation was also attended by Congress MLAs E Chand, Dr Ng Bijoy, T Mangi Babu, DK Korungthang and Dr Y Surchandra amongst others.

Floral tributes were also laid before a photo of the late Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, the Manipur Pradesh Mahila Congress Committee also observed the day with a special lecture on “Women can effectively fight corruption” at the same venue and attended by MPCC president Gaikhangam as chief guest and MPCC general secretary (i/c Mahila Congress) D Korungthang as president.

Speaking at the observation, MPCC president observed people should start fighting against corruption from their own family. Women plays an important role in the fight and as such, they need to lead the way.

History is witness of the fact that the women of the Manipuri society have always played an important role on any issues facing the state.

He continued, corruption is not only about financial matters but there are also moral and social corruptions. Moral corruption leads to all kinds of bad things including corruption, the MPCC president observed.

He further called upon the people of the state to be true to their works to bring development to the state.


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