If State Vigilance fails, CBI’s service be sought to probe multi-crore Phek-Chozuba road scam: Dr Hoshi


KOHIMA, Nov 10 (NEPS): Congress functionary from Phek district rued on the unprecedented rise of corruption in the district particularly in the road sectors. One of the multi-crore road scams was the construction of 44.36 km-long Phek-Chozuba road in the Phek district but the saddest part was the amount was released without completing the construction works, said Dr K Hoshi, Chairman of the NPCC Media Cell. “The most interesting part of the whole episode is the amount released was deposited into an individual’s account not claiming to be the contractor of the construction work,” he stated.

Dr K Hoshi, NPCC leader
Dr K Hoshi, NPCC leader

Talking to media persons here at Congress Bhavan on Saturday, the former Congress Candidate of the 19th Phek Assembly Constituency said the NPCC had already lodged complaint with State Vigilance Commission to probe into the multi-crore road construction scams in the district. “It is a matter of time that everything will roll out from the skeleton’s cupboard,” he pointed out.

Although they believed that State Vigilance Commission would do the job and yet if things weren’t forthcoming as expected, they would even try to seek the services of the country’s premier investigating agency, CBI, to investigate into the scams. “We assure you that as and when the Congress comes to power in the State, the case will be opened for investigation and bring to justice,” Dr Hoshi revealed.
Informing that the particular Phek-Chozuba road which was estimated at Rs 1794.07 lakh was the dream project of late Vamuzo, former Chief Minister of the State, the NPCC leader said that such a novel and ambitious project was “shattered by none other than his own party men in the present NPF-led DAN Ministry in the State.”

Dr Hoshi said the road construction was fundamentally the first and foremost step to all the developmental activities. “Surface transport is the only means of transportation in this part of the State,” he explained recalling their people’s sufferings over the decades due to the lack of road connectivity in the district. “In 50 years of Statehood, the Phek district headquarters is still not connected with all the weathered roads,” he revealed.

Questioning the action of EE, Phek Division for writing to the Ministry of DONeR citing reasons for the non-completion of road construction works due to the faulty DPR, the NPCC leader argued that such a step did not arise at all as the DPR was thoroughly scrutinized by an expert Dr PR Koud, Coordinator STA Jorhat Engineering College. “And since the work was left incomplete even after the time frame was set for completion, the contractors are answerable to the public. If they fail to answer, their firm should be blacklisted by the State Government,” the NPCC leader strongly demanded.

Stating the manner in which the EE, Phek Division blaming of the non-completion of the Phek-Chozuba road construction to the “faulty DPR,” the NPCC leader questioned whether the act either meant their engineers were incompetent in preparing DPRs or they were a party to the “benefit of doubts.”


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