India B to meet Thailand in the semi-finals

    IMPHAL, November 25: India team B (Manipur) will meet Thailand, while India A (IPA) will clash with England for the semi-finals on November 28, in the ongoing 6th Manipur Polo International 2012 at the Mapal Kangjeibung.   

    India team B (Manipur) and India team A (IPA) registered easy wins against their respective opponents in matches today.

    In the first ground match of the day, the India team B (Manipur) defeated Germany by 16-3.

    In the first chukker of the match, the India (B) scored 4 goals while the German team scored only one goal; in the second chukker, India (B) added another 7 goals while Germany added only one goal.

    The India team B added another goal in the third chukker and Germany team also added another goal.

    In the last and fourth chukker of the match, the India (B) scored 4 goals.

    The India (B) scorers are M Jawan Singh (2 goals), P Ojit Singh (goals) and S Bimol Singh (5 goals).

    In the second match of the day, India team A (IPA) defeated the France team by 8-1.

    The Indian group A team ended the first chukker with only one goal and extended the goal line to 2-0 by the end of the second chukker.

    In the third chukker, both the Indian and France teams scored one each.

    In the last chukker, India manages to add 4 goals to its score line ending the match with an 8-1 scoreline.

    The scorers for India (A) are Lt Colonel Jogendra Singh (4 goals), Naveen Singh (2), Lt Colonel Prashant Thakur (1).



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