`India transforming conflict on ethnic lines`


GUWAHATI, November 8: The Indian government ploy in the so called peace process in ‘Western South East Asia’ (WESIA) is aimed at transforming the conflict between the peoples of the region with the government of India into a conflict between the peoples on ethnic lines, according to the Chairman of the banned United National Liberation Front, Manipur (UNLF) RK Meghen @ Sanayaima.

The jailed leader chose to call the Indian northeast region as Western South East Asia.

Sanayaima was talking briefly to the members of the media, as he was brought out before the NIA special court at Guwahati today.

Jailed chairman of the UNLF, RK Meghen coming out of an NIA court at Guwahati on Thursday.
Jailed chairman of the UNLF, RK Meghen coming out of an NIA court at Guwahati on Thursday.

The UNLF Chairman Sanayaima and 16 others were produced today before the NIA special court. One of the middle-rung leaders of the banned organisation N Dilip @ Ebochou @ Mani who is undergoing treatment in the hospital was absent from today’s proceedings.

No witnesses were however produced today.

Referring to the peace talks between NSCN IM and the government of India Sanayaima said, earlier NSCN-IM was fighting for the sovereignty of the Nagas but later on they had begun to demand integration of all Naga inhabited areas of the region within the ambit of the Indian Constitution.

He further stated that NSCN (IM) has fallen into the trap set by the Indian Government and has become instrumental in transforming the conflict in the region along the ethnic lines.

UNLF Chairman calls for the unity amongst the peoples of Western Southeast Asian (WESIA) and a common future and vision.

He further stated that in a multi-community region, the idea of peace cannot be achieved without considering the collateral damages of the secondary conflict that emerges out of the “meaningless peace process”.

He added that an agreement might be carried out with one community but it will not serve even the basic social problem and relation with the neighbouring communities in the region could not be attained.

He further said that the WESIA need and should co-exist with interdependence and co-develop together.

Sanayaima said that NSCN-IM’s peace talks will only deteriorate the unity and strength in the region and shall even bring misunderstanding amongst WESIANs.

It has brought chaos within the state of Nagaland while encouraging divisive politics in the state of Manipur, he added.

Chairman of UNLF RK Meghan said that the people inhabiting the hills and valley of Manipur are brothers and there is a need to understand the interdependence of livelihood of each other and that the people residing in the valley need to take the historical responsibility of reaching out to the people in the hills.

Simply voicing out the call of unity will not suffice, Sanayaima added.

He concluded saying that there is equal right for self identity and at the same time there is right to respect other identities which cannot be deprived of.

A team of lawyers led by H Chandrajit Sharma who are the defending counsel of the UNLF Chairman RK Meghan and other alleged co-accused were also present for cross examination of the prosecution witnesses.


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