Orphan home in Ukhrul needed


UKHRUL, Nov 07: The State government doesn’t have any keen interest to give ‘care, attention and concern’ towards the upliftment of children, particularly those that belong to the poor and parent-less living in home-away-from-home or orphanage. This was said, during a press conference at Ukhrul, by a mother of an orphanage who is also a receiver of Nelson Mandela International Peace Award, 2012 at Kathmandu on 22, Oct.

During the press Conference, Tanmila, the mother of a 22-years-old home-away-home situated at Ukhrul expressed her regrets over the government attitude for not showing any concern to the poor and parent-less children staying Eden Resource Centre. Expressing her unhappiness over the govt. for not showing any sign of help, she have said that the Eden Resource Home (ERH) was established in the early part of 1990 but so far no assistance have been receive from government side to articulate and strengthen the ERH.

Briefing the background of the philanthropic achievement received by her, she said that a recognition certificate from the state government on 14, Dec, 2009 followed by two consecutive awards on Certificate of Distinction in Manipur and India Gold Star, New Delhi during April and November, 2010.

She further said that she was also awarded as Excellent Social Activity Award, New Delhi on 4th November, 2011 and again Bharat Nirman Ratan Award was given on 24th Oct. 2011 at New Delhi, Rastriya Vikas Ratan Award was given on Jan, 8, 2012, New Delhi, Hind Gaurav Ratan Award on 3rd Sept. 20-12 at New Delhi, Excellent Mother Teresa Award, Hyderabad in 2011, national status award was given in 2011 at New Delhi, Asia Pacific International Award at Taskent, Uzbekistan (Russia) on 15th April, 2012, the Gold Star Asia international Award at Kathmandu was given on 28th April 2012 and she also received the Glory of India Award, Bangkok on20th June 2012. She further added that she is yet to receive another International Doctorate Award for Social work in Columbo (Srilanka) during 23rd-25th November next.
Even though she got hold of the extraordinary achievements and received many honourable awards for her rare and dynamic philanthropic activities, the 22-year-old long suffering Eden Resource Home (ERH) is surviving without any govt. assistance. Tanmila is still looking after 53 parentless children of Ukhrul Eden Resource Home (ERH) at Lanai, located at Toloi via Lamlang junction that is just tucked-away 7-8 Kilometers West from Ukhrul main town


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