Press Release from United Naga Council


Dated Tahamzam, 11th November, 2012

Our attention is drawn to the news item on the allotment of funds for Check drawal Authority under the PWD on communal lines by the Government of Manipur whereby Chandel, Tamenglong and Ukhrul districts were omitted and insignificant amount provided for Senapati district. Relevant documents made available to us throws up the following picture –

1. Amt allotted to 7 Divisions in the valley districts-
a) Bridge Division Rs 0.47 crores
b) Imphal East Division Rs 0.68 crores
c) Imphal West Division Rs. 1.19 crores
d) Highway South Division Rs. 1.07 crores
e) Bishnupur Division Rs. 0.81 crores
f) Thoubal Division Rs 1.49 crores
g) Jiribam Division Rs 0.00 crores

2. Amt allotted to Churachandpur division Rs 1.24 crores
3. Amt allotted to Sadar Hills division Rs 1.55 crores
4. Amt allotted to Senapati division Rs 0.72 crores
5. Amt allotted to Chandel division Rs 0.00 crores
6. Amt allotted to Tamenglong division Rs 0.00 crores
7. Amt allotted to Ukhrul division Rs 0.00 crores

The Deputy Chief Minister of Manipur solemnly declares on the 10th November, 2012 that the State Government is committed to the development of the hill districts in view of their special needs while addressing some students at Senapati. But the figures above speaks volume of the blatant communalism that informs every decision of the Government of Manipur. Where is the developments for the hills to take care of its special needs in the light of hard facts .


The Nagas and tribals can never expect a fair deal now or in the future from the Government of Manipur. There are 7 Divisions for the mere 2238 sq kms of the 4 valley districts and only 6 Divisions for the 5 hill districts of 20089 sq kms. Tribal population which is 41% of the state’s total has only 20 MLAs who represent an average electorate of 34,180 each while the 40 MLAs from the valley represents an average of only 25,575 electorates and just 58% of the population. The victimisations and suppression that arises from this skewed and engineered arrangement is across the board – be it with bureaucrats, professionals or other employees, contractors & businessmen, development, education, sports, employment . . . In the name of law and order every function is shut down in the hills and the development of the hills takes place in the valley where normalcy reigns with more than 20-30 armed groups.

The only option is the peaceful parting of ways in good neighbourliness. It is not narrow or parochial politics and the tribals of the state in general will remain silent in the face of this stark reality only to their own peril. Every Naga, where ever they are positioned must therefore take up ownership of the movement for securing an alternative arrangement outside the Government of Manipur pending settlement of the Indo-Naga issue.

Publicity Wing
United Naga Council


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