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Pump employees caught trying to sell petrol

IMPHAL November 20:  The All Manipur Student Union, AMSU seized three drums of petrol from the Porompat Service Station while the petrol pump was trying to sell the oil off the back door.

The AMSU called a press conference at its headquarter on the issue.

Speaking to media persons, AMSU president, Th Suresh said that members of the student body have recovered three gallons of petrol, approximately 750 litres, from Porompat Service Station while employees of the petrol pump was trying to sell the petrlol to black marketers this afternoon around 12:30 pm.

The petrol drums seized by the AMSU being paraded before the media persons on Tuesday.

He further said the oil pump had shut down shop declaring that its petrol stock has depleted and out of stock.

He further declared that on getting information about the sale of petrol to black marketers cheating the public by the pump employees, AMSU members went for a spot enquiry and caught the pump employees and the black marketers red handed while negotiating for price.

Further, the student union members identified as the owner of the pump from Thoubal Babu Bazar.

The student unions members further questioned the oil pump owner and state government by recalling the assurance given by Minister Oken on November 17 that the state oil depot has sufficient petrol for 17 days. 

The student further appealed the govt to oversee such issue that inconvenienced the people.



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