Sanayaima calls for peace on UNLF`s 48th anniversary


    GUWAHATI, November 23: UNLF Chairman RK Meghen alias Sanayaima salutes to all the communities of Manipur on its 48th anniversary. Meghen and other 14 cadres of the outfit were produced today before the NIA court, Guwahati.

    Speaking to the media,the chairman said that on this 48th anniversary, he, as the chairman of the UNLF would like to extend his message to the people of Manipur.

    He stressed that the age long heritage of Manipur have been stripped since its merged into the Union of India. He elaborated that for 63 years under the colonial rule of India, different communities of Western South East Asia (WeSEA) have been living in different ethnic lines of their own interest and causing different kinds of conflicts amongst the communities without peace and harmony in the state, resulting in uncertainty of our future generations. He continued that we should dig out the root cause of all these conflicts together.

    RK Meghen said that under the divide and rule policy of Indian Union, we are separated into classes as schedule caste, schedule tribe, other backward classes etc leading to the antagonism amongst the communities of the region.

    Chairman of the outfit further said that campaign for individual rights in a multi ethnic state will result to conflicts. He continued that the current GOI administration will never bring development and peace to state of Manipur. He said that the conflict among the hill and valley people of Manipur is brought by the ruling class of the state.

    UNLF Chairman further said that it is understood that the rising of conflicts and disputes within the state is the role colonial system. He said that if we continue to exist under the Indian colonial system, peace is impossible in the region. He said that, we as a human race and for sake of future generation need to collectively stand out from this current Government and its system. He stated that for our harmonic destiny of all the communities of WeSEA, we must respect each others’ political and cultural identities and understand the need of symbiotic relationship. He also stated that the WeSEAian must have a collective goal, common administration and autonomy at all level.

    Sanayaima said that the domestic problems can be resolved by dialogues without the interference and influence from outside. The chairman, on this anniversary of UNLF, urged all the communities of Manipur including Naga, Kuki, Meitei, Komrem, Meitei-Pangal and all others to unite and work together to bring development for all.


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