UNLF greets people on its 48th anniv


IMPHAL, November 23: “Sixty-three years of Manipur-India conflict had passed since Manipur was forcibly annexed to India. And 48 years had passed since UNLF started the fight for the restoration of the sovereignty and independence of our Manipuri Nation that was bequeathed to us by our gracious forefathers”, this was stated by the central committee of the proscribed United National Liberation (UNLF) through a press communiqué today wishing the people on its 48th Anniversary.

The statement stated that the party is still striving to provide the future generation a liberated, emancipated and a transformed world that would enable to share the global process of peace and progress.

The communiqué further maintained that the party also shared the journey of collective struggle for the same cause with other like-minded revolutionary parties and groups who are striving for a new phase the struggle. And the as a part of its 48 anniversary, the party have also released its annual report that provides a retrospection of all the previous issues that are placed before public from time to time and also provides a view of critical deliberation on its relevancy with the changing times of their struggle.

The party said that India is keeping Manipur-India conflict under wraps; taking it as a law and order problem for the past many years. It further added that today the India’s self appointed NIA Court is compelled to accept the truth that UNLF Chairman Sanayaima, and other leaders of UNLF is fighting for the restoration of sovereignty of Manipur. This has become a precedent in the revolutionary history of our Manipuri nation.

Further the party assured that they stand on the territorial integrity issue for its people. And it maintained that the indigenous peoples of this land had been interdependent, with common origins, common ancestry, and they shared this region and habitat.

The release said that Manipur is captive market for India and the most important step of India is to control and subordinate the economic livelihood of Manipur people to repress the indigenous people’s collective consciousness and to destroy the identity and united vision of the indigenous peoples.

The Central Committee of the party extends its heartiest greetings to its fraternal member parties of the CorCom, which is fighting for the restoration of Manipur’s freedom, as well as to the other fraternal revolutionary parties of Western Southeast Asia (WESIA);  National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN-K), National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB), Tripura People’s Democratic Front (TPDF) and United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) and to other likeminded ethnic revolutionary groups as well.

The communiqué further greets all the countries, international communities, the CSO’s, the Human Rights Organizations, who support the Manipuri people’s struggle for National Self-Determination, and also express its gratitude to the media (international, regional and local), for highlighting the Manipur India Conflict. (to be contd)


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