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Hornbill World War 2 Peace Rally became main attraction, Manipur team won Gold Trophy

KISAMA (KOHIMA), Dec 3 (NEPS): Once again the World War 2 Peace Rally became the main attraction among the on-going Hornbill Festival events here at Kisama. The convoys of 12 vintage WW II Jeeps were used in the Rally which started from DDSC Stadium, Dimapur and finally culminated here at the World War 2 Museum today.

This World War 2 Peace Rally has been organized as part of the on-going Hornbill Festival to commemorate the legendary Battle of Kohima, which is considered as one of the fiercest battles of the entire war.
Although the rally was organized to commemorate the Battle of Kohima, the message of the Rally is “peace and brotherhood.” The Rally flagged off at the DDSC Stadium at 8 am and culminated at here at the World War 2 Museum at 1:30 PM covering 74 kilometres. Advisor, Sericulture and Cooperation, Azheto Zhimomi while flagging off the rally at the DDSC Stadium, Dimapur, thanked the State Government and the Department of Tourism for organizing the event. He said that through the World War 2 Peace Rally peace would prevail in the land, so that the people would live in peace and develop more closeness and unity amongst the fellow friends to bring economy development and also promote in export sectors”.
Teams from other north-eastern states including Meghalaya, Manipur took part in this year’s World War 2 Peace Rally. The Gold Trophy went to Manipur team for their excellently replicating World War 2 army jawans and for their World War 2 Original vehicle. The four-member Manipur Team was led by Tarzan Rajkumar. The other members are Subash Kunjaraj, Andrew Ahoto and Subash C.

Participants of the World War 2 Peace Rally with their Trophies. Winner of this year’s World War 2 Peace Rally went to Manipur Team. Manipur Team leader Mr Tarzan Rajkumar (3rd right seated) seen with Gold Trophy with other participants at World War 2 Museum here at Kisama (Pix by NEPS/Oken Jeet Sandham).

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The Nagaland team won for the Best Maintained Vehicle Trophy while the Best Promotional Team Trophy went to Meghalaya team.

Distributing the prizes, Yitachu, Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism, who was also in army fatigues said the purpose of organizing the World War 2 Peace Rally as part of the Hornbill Festival at Kisama was to promote peace. He said peace was the need of the hour for the people of the region and by taking part in such a unique World War 2 Peace Rally by participants from other part of the region should generate the peace and the very message would further spread in the rest of the world. He expressed the hope that more teams would join the rally in future.

Earlier before advancing to the World War 2 Museum at Kisama, the convoys of the Rally moved around Kohima Capital Town and also halted at Kohima Commonwealth War Grave where the Commander of the convoy laid a wreath in memory of the brave souls who gave their today for tomorrow.

Nagaland Adventure and Motor Sports Association (NAMSA) organized this World War 2 Peace Rally. The rally travels on the very road on which the World War 2 was fought over and Kohima war grave is the actual epicentre of the battle.



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