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NIA summons bother NSCN (IM)

DIMAPUR, December 18 (Newmai News Network): When everyone is expecting of the announcement of the Naga settlement anytime, the relation between the NSCN-IM and the government of India appears to be getting bitter with the Naga outfit today saying that the government of India is changing its colour in handling the Indo-Naga issue.

The latest episode that has irked the NSCN-IM has been the serving of summon notices to the senior NSCN-IM leaders by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) on certain matters.

Some senior NSCN-IM leaders have also been arrested in the recent time by the security force personnel.

“Unique is the historical and political rights of the Nagas but strange is the way the government of India in changing its colour in handling the Indo-Naga issue that has dragged on for too many years. More than fifteen years already when the political talks for solution began in 1997 and this year year 2012 has been accepted as the most crucial stage when everyone has been waiting for the government to announce the basis for Naga political solution. But much to the discomfort of the NSCN in particular and the Nagas in general the India`s premier investigating agency National Investigation Agency(NIA) under Ministry of Home Affairs is going about its own way issuing court summons to some of the top leaders of NSCN and arresting Naga Army Officers at will. Mention may be made that Major Clinson was arrested in Halflong area of Assam one month back and on 16th December,2012 Brig.Absalom was arrested from Gauhati railway station.These few incidents do not  augur well for finding peaceful Indo-Naga political solution solution,” the NSCN-IM said today in a communique issued through the outfit`s `ministry of information and publicity` (MIP).

The Naga outfit accused that the NIA is found to be stretching its hand too far when it served court summons to some NSCN members like Francis,Col.Levi, Reisang Zimik, Kilonser, Ms.Ayao and Dy.Kilonser Ambison in connection with the Lungpha village case in Ukhrul district of Manipur. “It may be noted that Lungpha case has already been solved as per the customary law and the interference of NIA is unwarranted,” the NSCN-IM claimed.

“When the Indo-Naga solution has already entered such crucial stage the Indian Criminal Law is being applied to the NSCN leaders under one pretext or the other.This is not acceptable to the Nagas and is not in keeping with the spirit of finding Naga political solution through peaceful means.Military means has been tested and found obsolete. Because Naga issue is a political matter and therefore no other means other than political talks be given the seriousness and not not allowing NIA to pollute the Indo-Naga political talks. Double standard policy as seen today will never help solve the Naga problem but it will only complicate the matter. And government of India is to be blamed for not tightening the rein on NIA,” the NSCN-IM added.

It then said rumblings in the course of Indo-Naga ceasefire operation is something not unexpected. However, anything that go against the spirit of peaceful talks for finding lasting political solution is not to be accepted in any manner, the outfit added. “Political correction with vision and sincerity and not forcing criminal law against the NSCN members will certainly help create conducive atmosphere for a meaningful Naga political solution,” the NSCN-IM suggested.



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