NSCN (K) cadres killed in rival attack


DIMAPUR, December 16 (Newmai News Network): The tempo of Christmas festivity is rising in Nagaland and so is the tension owing to the Naga underground factional clashes.

Two cadres of the NSCN-K have been killed by the rival NSCN-Khole/Kitovi this morning at Nitoi village under Nagaland`s Kiphire district.

Reports said while the cadres of NSCN-K were camping at Nitoi village, the rival cadres surrounded the village and started attacking resulting in the dead of two NSCN-K cadres.

The incident happened at around 5 am.

The deceased NSCN-K cadres have been identified as one `lieutenant` Among Tikhir and `2nd lieutenant` Solo Puchury.

It is worth noting that as recent as on December 5, two more cadres of the NSCN-Khole/Kitovi were killed by rival NSCN-K cadres at Longkhim area under Tuensang district of Nagaland.

The deceased of that incident were identified as `Lieutenant` Lumthrongtsaba and `Raja Peyu` Chumkyuse, both hailing from Chungtor village under Tuensang district.

A total of four cadres from the NSCN-Khole/Kitovi have been killed so far by the rival NSCN-K cadres in this month itself.

On December 3, two cadres of the NSCN-Khole/Kitovi were killed by cadres of rival NSCN-Khaplang group in the heart of Dimapur.

There were varied stories with regard to the cirscumstances that had led to the killing of the NSCN-Khole/Kitovi cadres on that earlier incident.

Intelligence sources had said that the two cadres of NSCN-Khole/Kitovi were `chatting with shopkeepers` at Murgi Patti area in the heart of Dimapur market when the cadres of NSCN-K came and shot them. However, NSCN-K sources had said it was purely a factional clash.

The deceased  of December 3 were identified as 2nd lieutenant Sheye Konyak and sergeant major Wochamo Lotha.

Meanwhile, the booming factional clashes in Nagaland in the recent time has spoilt the pre-Christmas festivity activities in Nagaland, otherwise has been in the festive mood with series of advent Christmas parties underway since December 1. Stars and Santa Clauses have been put up but the undying factional clashes meant a spoil-sport to the cheering Christmas mood.

Nagaland, with the seven-day long Hornbill Festival, tagged as the festival of festival in the state has been in full swing in the state capital since December 1 but the insurgency related violence has been playing hiccups to the glowing festive ambience. Meanwhile, security has been  beefed up in all the sensitive areas where factional clashes are prone. Reports have also said that more factional clashes will occur in the days to come.


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